Violation of court order??

Air India and Jet Airways are violating the Court Order. The Secretary, Ministry of Civil Aviation and the DG of the DGCA need to be hauled up in the Court for contempt. Please send me details of all schedules violating the Court Order. The Pilots are free to refuse to operate any schedules in violation of schedules.

To defend this order, I am doing everything that needs to be done. there is going to be a mountain of cash required. you guys buckle up and start taking up thisĀ as your fight. don’t look at what gets collected. think of what it will take up to fight these morons in the DGCA and MoCA. I am told that SWIPE / NAG spent about a crore to fight litigation. I took up 5 lakhs in expenses and even assuming i take a salary of say 3 lakhs a month for this fight, 4×3 is 12 lakhs and therefore the entire fight would be under 20 lakhs or say 1/5th the amount spent by SWIPE.

ICPA / IPG / NAG….call for a meeting and pass a resolution that none of your members will operate flight in violation of Court orders. Lets see if Air India or Jet Airways have balls to take action.

Every pilot has to realise one thing. if your brother is getting hurt in taking a stand, remember to fight with him and for him. because if you refuse to do it, the next one is YOU.

This is your fight from now on. There are limits for a PIL fight. from now on the resistance has to come from you, the pilots.

The best is to have the pilots union coming up. you need a Trade Union to flex muscles. Trade Unions need not disrupt work. If you are worried about your contracts, even association are barred so do not feel safe that if you join association and not a union, you will be safe.

Indigo, Spicejet, Go air……come out….all i need is about 25 captains……..form a Union. We will give a letter to the management that no disruption will be caused illegally. if they breach the law, you are within your rights to demand your rights. trust me ..these people cannot run their show without you and they need to realize it. This is your DO or DIE fight.

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