Time To Rise

ICPA / IPG / NAG / FIP…Their existence is because of you. Their money is your money. Make them put out a mere 10 lakhs on the table and we need to file contempt action. I will tell you why this is necessary.

The Delhi High Court goes on summer vacations by end of May. The Judges will change after vacation. The Present Judges know this matter. So, by 6th May this amount of 10 lakhs should be placed on the table for a meaningful fight. otherwise the matter may be placed beyond vacation.

If the UNIONS fail you, let the good guys get together and raise this 10 lakhs and I will move the Court and get two of the most important men (R.N.Choubey, Secretary, MoCA and B.S.Bhullar, DG of DGCA) pinned down. No one will be able to save these two men if we meet this may deadline.

After this fight, we need to seriously think of Unions, if you guys are holding on to these unions for the benefits of insurance, I will get that to the table as well with the best of the terms. Better than any these unions can offer.

ICPA / IPG members: Privatisation will happen, whatever be the terms you manage to get on the contract, it can easily be turned over during acquisition, so the efforts should not be at better contractual terms but organising yourself better for a private player and not end up like the pilots in the private sector. You need to be given a clear vision and a plan and I have it, even if I am not a pilot like you.

The Union is very important because to fight the FDTL type of battle that I fought may perhaps not happen again. it requires huge sacrifices. if I fight like that in 2 more case I will be burnt, so the real answers to your problems is UNIONS. UNIONS not to strike work, but be a negotiating force in the DGCA when Rules are framed. Your one year rule would never have come had even one of the UNIONS put up resistance.

By the way I have some news to give you, the DGCA might soften its stand in the Court on the one year rule matter filed by the Union to save the Unions from a possible Union that I plan to form. That is a certain good news if it happens. I hope the Unions can take advantage of the same.

By 3rd May, if the Unions cannot put up 10 lakhs [I guess they have spent lakhs and crores earlier on battles they lost] I will put up my account details here. Let a few of us come together and raise the 10 lakhs by 6th May and you will see me in action in Delhi the week thereafter……IF UNIONS CAN’T FIGHT…Let US FIGHT….

By the way I have to give credit to One among you: Capt.S**** . He has had the guts to call the bluff on the Air India Management and has stood up for the sanctity of the Order like no one else did it. He is a real hero and we need to acknowledge it.

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