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As I said, the real fight starts after we get the order. Now that the DGCA also have pulled the plug, the Airlines are now bound to misuse the provisions. I have already received several calls on this. This is where I want to point out that there are limitations to what ‘outsiders’ can do. I am an outsider. Now either the existing Unions should step up or we need to organise under a new union and flex our muscles. There are limitations to how much you can do in the court.

I am sure everyone are happy to see the order, but after the e-mail what has been done in the back end is not that anyone of you will ever get to know. But let me put it straight. I do not want credit, the credit goes to your voice. Yes, Your voice played a big role this time. Imagine if a handful of you raise your voice here and the DGCA can issue an order, what will happen even if 50% of you raise the voice together.

Just like your fears and insecurities, everyone has it. Be it the DGCA or Airlines. What had allowed them to suppress your community is because you were not united. you were scattered, you did not stand up for your brother and sister. Here everyone has seen the effect of what can happen if you guys get together.

So the next step is formation of Union. Things are getting ready and expect a brief note on the union, its vision and what do we plan to achieve. if even half of you are on board this, I will go ahead and set it up. I already have about 200 GA pilots and Helicopter pilots as well. This means that whoever becomes a member will get absolute confidentiality. I will disclose the membership only when I touch at least 70% mark in each company. Until then you guys will have absolute confidentiality.

Any court battles will henceforth be in the name of that Union. my model of raising money and doing things will not work and I will also end up as a tax wreck.

So the total as on today raised for Contempt is Rs.3,85,700. I will use this money to form the Union except that there was a specific request from a group of pilots from chennai not to use their money for Union formation as they are already a part of some union. I have enough litigation against DGCA and I will use their money for that.

Once I put the vision document and if there is a general acceptance and consensus on it, the membership for the same will open up. One of your pilots have taken the task of setting up the website and the payment portal.

Lets organise ourself and be a force to reckon with……..All I am demanding is that the DGCA and the Airlines be RESPECTFUL to the pilots. I have no intention of armtwisting either the DGCA or the Airline management if they are fair with what they do and the DIGNITY of each of the individual pilot is taken care of…..And in the same words I also want to say something….if the DGCA or the AIRLINES thinks they can isolate and harass PILOTS, let me tell you I would like all of us to hit them so HARD that they will NEVER EVER DARE TO DO IT.

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