The Latest Order

As I said, the real fight starts after we get the order. Now that the DGCA also have pulled the plug, the Airlines are now bound to misuse the provisions. I have already received several calls on this. This is where I want to point out that there are limitations to what ‘outsiders’ can do. I am an outsider. Now either the existing Unions should step up or we need to organise under a new union and flex our muscles. There are limitations to how much you can do in the court.

I am sure everyone are happy to see the order, but after the e-mail what has been done in the back end is not that anyone of you will ever get to know. But let me put it straight. I do not want credit, the credit goes to your voice. Yes, Your voice played a big role this time. Imagine if a handful of you raise your voice here and the DGCA can issue an order, what will happen even if 50% of you raise the voice together.

Just like your fears and insecurities, everyone has it. Be it the DGCA or Airlines. What had allowed them to suppress your community is because you were not united. you were scattered, you did not stand up for your brother and sister. Here everyone has seen the effect of what can happen if you guys get together.

So the next step is formation of Union. Things are getting ready and expect a brief note on the union, its vision and what do we plan to achieve. if even half of you are on board this, I will go ahead and set it up. I already have about 200 GA pilots and Helicopter pilots as well. This means that whoever becomes a member will get absolute confidentiality. I will disclose the membership only when I touch at least 70% mark in each company. Until then you guys will have absolute confidentiality.

Any court battles will henceforth be in the name of that Union. my model of raising money and doing things will not work and I will also end up as a tax wreck.

So the total as on today raised for Contempt is Rs.3,85,700. I will use this money to form the Union except that there was a specific request from a group of pilots from chennai not to use their money for Union formation as they are already a part of some union. I have enough litigation against DGCA and I will use their money for that.

Once I put the vision document and if there is a general acceptance and consensus on it, the membership for the same will open up. One of your pilots have taken the task of setting up the website and the payment portal.

Lets organise ourself and be a force to reckon with……..All I am demanding is that the DGCA and the Airlines be RESPECTFUL to the pilots. I have no intention of armtwisting either the DGCA or the Airline management if they are fair with what they do and the DIGNITY of each of the individual pilot is taken care of…..And in the same words I also want to say something….if the DGCA or the AIRLINES thinks they can isolate and harass PILOTS, let me tell you I would like all of us to hit them so HARD that they will NEVER EVER DARE TO DO IT.

Aviation Safety In India Gets A New Chapter Today

  1. Indian pilots from private, public, and general aviation have joined their resources and formed an alliance to get their voice heard in regulatory and other matters,concerning air safety and claim their right as stakeholders in indian aviation chapter.

Time To Rise

ICPA / IPG / NAG / FIP…Their existence is because of you. Their money is your money. Make them put out a mere 10 lakhs on the table and we need to file contempt action. I will tell you why this is necessary.

The Delhi High Court goes on summer vacations by end of May. The Judges will change after vacation. The Present Judges know this matter. So, by 6th May this amount of 10 lakhs should be placed on the table for a meaningful fight. otherwise the matter may be placed beyond vacation.

If the UNIONS fail you, let the good guys get together and raise this 10 lakhs and I will move the Court and get two of the most important men (R.N.Choubey, Secretary, MoCA and B.S.Bhullar, DG of DGCA) pinned down. No one will be able to save these two men if we meet this may deadline.

After this fight, we need to seriously think of Unions, if you guys are holding on to these unions for the benefits of insurance, I will get that to the table as well with the best of the terms. Better than any these unions can offer.

ICPA / IPG members: Privatisation will happen, whatever be the terms you manage to get on the contract, it can easily be turned over during acquisition, so the efforts should not be at better contractual terms but organising yourself better for a private player and not end up like the pilots in the private sector. You need to be given a clear vision and a plan and I have it, even if I am not a pilot like you.

The Union is very important because to fight the FDTL type of battle that I fought may perhaps not happen again. it requires huge sacrifices. if I fight like that in 2 more case I will be burnt, so the real answers to your problems is UNIONS. UNIONS not to strike work, but be a negotiating force in the DGCA when Rules are framed. Your one year rule would never have come had even one of the UNIONS put up resistance.

By the way I have some news to give you, the DGCA might soften its stand in the Court on the one year rule matter filed by the Union to save the Unions from a possible Union that I plan to form. That is a certain good news if it happens. I hope the Unions can take advantage of the same.

By 3rd May, if the Unions cannot put up 10 lakhs [I guess they have spent lakhs and crores earlier on battles they lost] I will put up my account details here. Let a few of us come together and raise the 10 lakhs by 6th May and you will see me in action in Delhi the week thereafter……IF UNIONS CAN’T FIGHT…Let US FIGHT….

By the way I have to give credit to One among you: Capt.S**** . He has had the guts to call the bluff on the Air India Management and has stood up for the sanctity of the Order like no one else did it. He is a real hero and we need to acknowledge it.

A little commitment goes a long way.

Just to give all of you update: The Air India Unions are atleast committed to step up and explore possibilities. The correct picture will be available by tomorrow evening. As regards NAG, may be because of my posts as well there is a trust deficit with the executive committee. However, the conduct of the Committee speaks volumes and none of the Jet pilots are covered. In case of accident / incident, the pilot is on their own. Though ALPA gave me an affidavit, I was never told¬†that the guy heading ALPA (Mr.Sam Thomas) is also the spokesperson for NAG. In all probabilities, ALPA might open membership for pilots of other Airlines and I again say that it shall not be done in my name. I am very clear about one thing. I will not represent NAG / ALPA even if they approach me because without trust between clients and advocate, no advocate can function. So I have written off NAG / ALPA. So as regards the Union, there is two possibility and I will announce it in this forum the way forward. I am giving my everything for you guys, if I fail, I have nothing to lose, because ultimately the failure will be of the pilots. For once, think about your future, think about yourself, don’t take yourself as objects used by a handful of people for their benefits. By forming UNION, we are not going to be a disruptive force and I will be writing letters to that effect to every air operator. The Union is formed more to negotiate and have a say in the DGCA regulation process. However, if any Airline operators come after the members, then we will be pushed to be a disruptive force and none of you have a choice but to stand by your brothers / sisters. Understand one thing very clearly, No Airline can disregard its pilots because without pilots they do not survive. All you need is Unity among yourself. Again, even with a 25% strength, the union will be strong enough and trust me, if 25% of you join…the rest will follow. you guys are a force to reckon with…realize it…..if anyone want to get in touch with me in confidence, whatzapp me on 9967642195.

Violation of court order??

Air India and Jet Airways are violating the Court Order. The Secretary, Ministry of Civil Aviation and the DG of the DGCA need to be hauled up in the Court for contempt. Please send me details of all schedules violating the Court Order. The Pilots are free to refuse to operate any schedules in violation of schedules.

To defend this order, I am doing everything that needs to be done. there is going to be a mountain of cash required. you guys buckle up and start taking up this¬†as your fight. don’t look at what gets collected. think of what it will take up to fight these morons in the DGCA and MoCA. I am told that SWIPE / NAG spent about a crore to fight litigation. I took up 5 lakhs in expenses and even assuming i take a salary of say 3 lakhs a month for this fight, 4×3 is 12 lakhs and therefore the entire fight would be under 20 lakhs or say 1/5th the amount spent by SWIPE.

ICPA / IPG / NAG….call for a meeting and pass a resolution that none of your members will operate flight in violation of Court orders. Lets see if Air India or Jet Airways have balls to take action.

Every pilot has to realise one thing. if your brother is getting hurt in taking a stand, remember to fight with him and for him. because if you refuse to do it, the next one is YOU.

This is your fight from now on. There are limits for a PIL fight. from now on the resistance has to come from you, the pilots.

The best is to have the pilots union coming up. you need a Trade Union to flex muscles. Trade Unions need not disrupt work. If you are worried about your contracts, even association are barred so do not feel safe that if you join association and not a union, you will be safe.

Indigo, Spicejet, Go air……come out….all i need is about 25 captains……..form a Union. We will give a letter to the management that no disruption will be caused illegally. if they breach the law, you are within your rights to demand your rights. trust me ..these people cannot run their show without you and they need to realize it. This is your DO or DIE fight.