The Latest Order

As I said, the real fight starts after we get the order. Now that the DGCA also have pulled the plug, the Airlines are now bound to misuse the provisions. I have already received several calls on this…. Read More

Time To Rise

ICPA / IPG / NAG / FIP…Their existence is because of you. Their money is your money. Make them put out a mere 10 lakhs on the table and we need to file contempt action. I will tell… Read More

A little commitment goes a long way.

Just to give all of you update: The Air India Unions are atleast committed to step up and explore possibilities. The correct picture will be available by tomorrow evening. As regards NAG, may be because of my posts… Read More

Violation of court order??

Air India and Jet Airways are violating the Court Order. The Secretary, Ministry of Civil Aviation and the DG of the DGCA need to be hauled up in the Court for contempt. Please send me details of all… Read More