A little commitment goes a long way.

Just to give all of you update: The Air India Unions are atleast committed to step up and explore possibilities. The correct picture will be available by tomorrow evening. As regards NAG, may be because of my posts as well there is a trust deficit with the executive committee. However, the conduct of the Committee speaks volumes and none of the Jet pilots are covered. In case of accident / incident, the pilot is on their own. Though ALPA gave me an affidavit, I was never told┬áthat the guy heading ALPA (Mr.Sam Thomas) is also the spokesperson for NAG. In all probabilities, ALPA might open membership for pilots of other Airlines and I again say that it shall not be done in my name. I am very clear about one thing. I will not represent NAG / ALPA even if they approach me because without trust between clients and advocate, no advocate can function. So I have written off NAG / ALPA. So as regards the Union, there is two possibility and I will announce it in this forum the way forward. I am giving my everything for you guys, if I fail, I have nothing to lose, because ultimately the failure will be of the pilots. For once, think about your future, think about yourself, don’t take yourself as objects used by a handful of people for their benefits. By forming UNION, we are not going to be a disruptive force and I will be writing letters to that effect to every air operator. The Union is formed more to negotiate and have a say in the DGCA regulation process. However, if any Airline operators come after the members, then we will be pushed to be a disruptive force and none of you have a choice but to stand by your brothers / sisters. Understand one thing very clearly, No Airline can disregard its pilots because without pilots they do not survive. All you need is Unity among yourself. Again, even with a 25% strength, the union will be strong enough and trust me, if 25% of you join…the rest will follow. you guys are a force to reckon with…realize it…..if anyone want to get in touch with me in confidence, whatzapp me on 9967642195.

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