The most primary need is to be a voice heard by the Regulator (the DGCA). No Rules that affect a pilot will come into existence without the consent of the Association. This is the most basic need.
To be a force to reckon with the Airline management is the secondary reason. But if you see the relation, it is SYMBIOTIC in nature. Airlines cannot exist without pilots nor can pilots exist without the Airlines. So the basic understanding is that this relation has to be nurtured and has to be based on twin foundations of DIGNITY and RESPECT for each other. The profit motive of an Airline cannot be at the risk of lives, health or family of a pilot. Similarly, just because we are a force to reckon with will not make us fight the Airline management for ‘frivolous’ reasons.
For eg: One year rule. The DGCA has no role to play here. It is obvious that Airline Management is the one behind it. There is a free market and no pilot can be forced to remain in any company for more than 3 months on resignation. Bond amount, if any, should reflect the actual expenses and not used as an arm twisting tool.
All issues of pilots need to be communicated with the public. Today if a pilot lands in lucknow instead of delhi, the public is furious and the attack is on the pilot. How or why are the public blaming the pilot who just saved their lives? The reason is simple, they are unaware of the threat to their lives. So it is necessary that we communicate with the public. They need to know what it is and we will end up spending money on advertisements and promotions on social media.
There will be no ‘disruption of work’. Disruption of work will be the last option and will be done only after giving ample time and advertising that decision in public. No prolonged disruption in any case. It will be just a show of strength on one given day. Not a single aircraft will fly on a day.
The Association will always make representation and give ample time for the Authorities to take action. For eg. The following issues need to be taken care of within one year of our notice otherwise we declare a no fly day (this is just an example) say on 1 April 2019.
FDTL issues
No pilot should be derostered for more than 3 months for an ‘incident’ and more than six months for an ‘accident’
Bond of any, should be reasonable and should reflect the actual costs
Leave issues. Sick Leave and all issues related to leave needs to be human.

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